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Safe Space Cell Phone Protector 125x125Everyone uses cell phones. It has become the greatest tool of convenience in the modern world. Not only does it work for you as a phone and a mode of communication, but it has also become one of the greatest professional tools of our times. A lot of people cannot imagine life without cell phones anymore and these devices are used very frequently by most of us. However, this exposes us to a one of the most overlooked health threats. We all know that cell phones receive their signals through electromagnetic and microwave radiation and when we talk on the phone, we are exposed to somewhere between the 20 to 80% of the radiation, causing a serious health hazard.

Cell Phone Protector – Protect Your Body From Harmful Radiation

The use of cell phone is a great convenience of our times but its radiations could penetrate deep into the human head, as much as an inch and a half into the brain and other parts of the face, such as the eye sockets, and even other parts of the body. This could cause some serious health threats including headache, fatigue, brain function damage, DNA damage and even cancer. Cell Phone Protector is a protection patch device which allows you to protect yourself from the exposure of electromagnetic and microwave radiations used for the exchange of data to cell phones.

Clinical Research Supports Cell Phone Protector

Scientific research from various institutions has proved that the electromagnetic cell phone radiation affects the human head and is harmful to the health. According to the National Radiological Protection Board of the UK, the microwave energy from these radiations is absorbed in eyes, ears, nose, brain and other parts of head.

Other than that, in the findings of separate research studies carried out in the Stanford University and the National Institute of Cancer, it was found that the electromagnetic radiation of cell phones can give rise to the risk of cancer. It is also found to affect cell function and cause chromosome abnormalities.

Actually, the waves that transmit messages from and to your phone are in the range of microwave frequency, which can penetrate the head up to an inch and a half, and the security measures taken by the authorities in this regard are not enough. The design of the protector patch helps in blocking the radiation from penetrating the human body, whether the head or any other body part.

Benefits Of Cell Phone Protector

Cell Phone Protector offers the unique benefits of reducing the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves that are can penetrate your body and cause serious health threats. This accessory is an easy-to-use patch which can be easily attached to your phone. It will not affect the reception of the phone. All difference that it is going to make is that your phone will encased in this protective patch and could become even more convenient to carry. You should certainly invest in this protective patch to ensure that you protect yourself from the damage the use of cell phones can cause.

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