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Dr. Gropu's Detox Foot Pads 125x125Your body requires detoxification from time to time to get rid of toxins, harmful microbes and wastes. However, detoxification using diet changes, such as juice detox diets, can not only be time-consuming, but exhaustive. It requires specially setting aside time for the detoxification process, so that you can devote your full physical attention to it, since you would not be able to carry out your work and the normal routine without having all the nutrition that your body requires. But who’s got the time for all that? There is a solution which could offer you better detoxification in a way that would not waste even a single second of your time.

Dr. Green’s Detox Foot Pads – Effective and Convenient

Dr. Green’s Detox Foot Pads are just the kind of convenience anyone looking for detoxification would want to have. Dr. Green’s Detox Foot Pads are made from completely organic ingredients which ensure better detoxification through the acupuncture points on your foot. Through these foot pads, you can get rid of impurities like heavy metals, chemicals, germs and other toxins from your body.

You could start by applying one pad on each foot, sideways or lengthwise, depending on the particular part you want to focus on. You should refer to the reflexology chart for targeting a particular organ or function. You should start by applying the pads on your arches and should wear the pads for at least 8 hours. The pads will be discolored on removal, indicating the release of toxins and this discoloration will reduce over repetitive use.

Clinical Research Supports Dr. Green’s Detox Foot Pads

The foot has no less than 60 acupuncture points. Dr. Green’s Detox Foot Pads use the principles of Reflexology, which hold that these points reflect, and are connected with, almost all of the vital organic functions and systems of the body, and these detox pads stimulate these points to get rid of toxins and wastes from your body. But while you detoxify, make sure that you balance it by drinking enough purified water.

Dr. Green’s Detox Foot Pads are made from organic herbal ingredients such as Organic Wood Vinegar, Organic Bamboo Vinegar, Organic Agaricus Blazei Murril, Organic Loquat Leaf, Organic and Dokudami-Houttuynia Cordata, which play their part in offering the pads their medicinal and detoxifying quality. Tourmaline Gemstone helps emit far infrared rays into the acupuncture points, which helps in relieving stress, promotes well being while strengthening the immune system, and the Amethyst Gemstone emits negative ions which cleanse, soothe the nervous system and promote well being. Dextrin holds all the ingredients of the pad together.

Benefits Of Dr. Green’s Detox Foot Pads

Dr. Green’s Detox Foot Pads are the most useful and convenient way to detoxify as this method does not involve any painful and inconvenient juice or liquid diets, and does not consume your time and attention. You can wear these pads and could allow them to detoxify you while you are working or even sleeping. These detox foot pads are made of completely natural ingredients and you should wear them without fearing for your health at all. As a matter of fact, they will improve your health on repetitive use. You should try them to see the difference in your health and vitality for the better.

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