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E3 Soap Kelp 125x125Almost all the soaps or hand-wash liquids you find in the market contain chemicals which can damage your skin. Not only that, but not everyone can even use these soaps without getting an allergic reaction to all the strong and harsh chemicals in them, which makes such consumers switch from one product to another endlessly in order to find the appropriate soap which can allow them to use it without undergoing any painful symptoms. But even if that is not the case with you, why not switch to a soap made from purely natural and organic ingredients, and which will be pleasant to use as well?

E3 Nourishing Soap – 100% Natural and Organic Soap

E3 Nourishing Soap is an all-natural, handmade soap which probably offers you the most unique soap formula in the world. It is available in Kelp, Peppermint, Lavender & Clay and Green Tea variations, and each variety has its own benefits which can help you choose the one which is best for you, or you could try all of them. These are vegan soaps featuring no animal products and you can use these soaps without worrying about any chemicals or dyes at all.

Clinical Research Supports E3 Nourishing Soap

E3 Nourishing Soap is named so because it contains the richest nutrients that a soap could ever offer you. The formula of the E3 Nourishing Soap features the E3 AFA, which is an extract from an edible and beneficial species of blue-green algae containing no less than 64 important nutrients including vitamins. Apart from this active ingredient, the different soap variations offer the following ingredients.

Kelp: It is super-fatted with Kulkul Nut Oil for treating dry skin. Also features useful ingredients such as Ground Kelp, Chlorophyll and essential oils of Juniper, Frankincense, Pathouli, Laurel, Oregano and Geranium, which offer a soothing touch to it while adding cleansing qualities.

Peppermint: Features a blend of essential oils offering it its refreshing and cleansing properties, such as Peppermint, Olive, Palm, Jojoba, Rosemary, Juniper, Clove and Spearmint. It also includes Coconut Oil and Peppermint Tea.

Green Tea: It features the benefits of Green Tea, with antioxidants like epigallocatechlin gallate (EGCG) which helps prevent cell damage due to free radicals. It features Coconut Oil, Palm fixed Oils, Olive Oil and is super-fatted with Sweet Almond Oil.

Lavender & Clay: Lavender offers a natural, refreshing scent to the soap. It features Clay, making it effective for people with oily skin. Also features Green Tea, Slippery Elm, Olive, Coconut and Palm fixed Oils.

Benefits Of E3 Nourishing Soap

E3 Nourishing Soap offers you benefits like no other in the world. All of the variations of the soap can allow you a different advantage, such as Kelp helps in cleansing and is suitable for dry skin, Peppermint can offer a refreshing feeling, Green Tea helps prevent cell damage while the variation with Lavender and Clay is suitable for people with oily skin. It is probably the only soap in the world which offers the E3 AFA extract which holds no less than 64 nutrients including vital vitamins useful for the nourishment of the skin. Most of all, it contains no chemicals or dyes, so you could completely trust it and should try it while having the peace of mind that your skin is in safe hands.

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