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Heavy Metal Test 125x125Although a lot of people are not even aware of this fact, but we are exposed to quite a few heavy metals such as Mercury, Cadmium, Lead and Aluminum as pollutants from a number of sources from our environment, even our food and water. When you unsuspectingly drink tap water, you could be exposing your body to impurities like heavy metals which could severely affect your health adversely in the long run. Even food could be a source of getting exposed to these heavy metals, through contaminated cooking equipment or poor quality manufacturing practices. Other contaminants include medicines, detergents, batteries, pigments, petroleum products, cosmetics, fertilizers and a number of other chemicals. The effect of metal poisoning could be lethal, but there is a way you can determine if you are affected from metal poisoning or not.

Heavy Metal Test Kit – All 4 Kits

With the Heavy Metal Test Kit, which is a set of all 4 Essential Kits, you can see if you have heavy metal impurities in your body. At the same time, you can check if these heavy metals are present in your water supply, in your food, in the dust in your room or any other material. The 4 of the Heavy Metal Test Kits check the presence of Mercury, Cadmium, Lead and Aluminum separately. The tests can be easily performed and you do not need to be a chemical lab expert to carry them out and interpret them.

Clinical Research Supports Heavy Metal Test Kit All 4 Kits

According to medical research, the presence of certain heavy metals is not required in the body and its presence can only lead to poor health and development of various diseases. The presence of Aluminum in the body can lead to allergic reactions, breathing problems, genital problems, chronic fatigue and weakness. The presence of Cadmium can give rise to health threats such as lung disease, bone degeneration, high blood pressure, renal dysfunction and various types of cancer.

The presence of Mercury can affect the brain and the function of the central nervous system. Apart from that, it can cause pulmonary function problems, chest pains, congenital malformation, spontaneous abortion and development disorders in little children. Lead poisoning, although not as frequent these days, can cause problems like acute nervous system damage, obstruction of hemoglobin synthesis, kidney damage and problems in the intellectual development in children.

The simple test kits, which include a color chart strip, an instruction sheet, 1 large test tube, 1 vial with blue cap as reagent 1, 1 vial with clear cap as reagent 2 and 1 vial with yellow cap as reagent 3, which contains acid. These kits are simple to use and are designed to locate the heavy metal ions through the Color Chart Indicator, which tells you about the quantity of the impurity and the extent of heavy metal pollution in your urine or any other substance.

Benefits Of Heavy Metal Test Kit All 4 Kits

The Heavy Metal Test Kit can allow you to check for the presence of toxic heavy metals in your body, water and food supply and other materials. This could allow you to prevent yourself from a number of dangerous diseases, some of which could even prove life threatening. The Heavy Metal Test Kit comes with a very simple mechanism and you can follow it even if you know nothing about chemicals. All you need to do is to follow the instructions and you can easily spot the presence of a heavy metal through the color chart.

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