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Himalayan Crystal Salt Fine Granulated 125x125Salt has been an important and inseparable part of the human diet since time immemorial. Mineral salts offer nutrients that our body requires to perform its functions in a proper manner, but the table salt that reaches a household after various industrial processes often loses its purity as found in nature as compared to mineral salts. This could prove harmful to your health in the long run, as your body would not find adequate nutrition in minerals and elements such as iodine from the salt supplied to you. But there is a way you can use the purest of crystal salts found on the planet.

Himalayan Crystal Salt – Salt as Found in Nature

The Himalayan Crystal Salt, offered in the fine granulated form, is probably the finest and purest salt you will ever get to use. The reason for that is that this salt is extracted in unadulterated form from the mines in Himalayan Mountains, where this salt has been preserved in its original shape for millions of years. This salt is much more nutritious than common table salt, helps in healing and has a number of health benefits too.

You can use the Himalayan Crystal Salt in a number of ways, such as forming a Sole solution, which is made by mixing a teaspoonful of Himalayan Salt crystals in purified water, until it saturates in the water. This solution can offer a number of uses, such as gargling for sinus infection patients and general throat health.

Clinical Research Supports Himalayan Crystal Salt

Most part of the human body is made up of water that is very close to the sea salt. The ordinary table salt that is widely available in the market can prove rather a burden on the human body because it is bleached and processed in such a manner that it loses all the essential nutrients and minerals that the human body requires, as found in sea salts. The Himalayan Crystal Salt is probably the purest form of salt on the planet, which has remained untouched for no less than 250 million years in the natural salt mines in the highest mountain range in the world.

Don’t confuse 100% pure Sodium Chloride with the purity of salt. The Himalayan Crystal Salt features 84 ionic minerals, which help replenish electrolytes in the body, apart from nourishment and performing a number of other functions for the human body. This type of salt does not cause dehydration like the simple Sodium Chloride. The salt is easy to use and has healing properties as well.

Benefits Of Himalayan Crystal Salt

The Himalayan Crystal Salt brings to you the purest and the most nutritious form of salt that you would ever find anywhere. This form of salt features 84 ionic minerals and all the nutrients that the body requires from the consumption of salt. It is beneficial to prefer this type of salt over common table salt which lacks all these important minerals and nutrients due to bleaching and heat processing. The Himalayan Crystal Salt melts faster, can be easily grinded and can be measured more accurately for cooking. It is lighter on the body and is perfectly in compatible with the human body. It can be used for healing purposes and its solution in purified water is the best for gargles for the health of the throat. You should try the Himalayan Crystal Salt and see how it is different from the salt available in your market.

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