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IntraMax 125x125Are you aware of the importance of the importance of organic food? It is the produce of organic farms where no synthetic fertilizers or chemicals are used, which otherwise adulterate the natural characteristics of fruits and vegetables. While you could use organic food as much as you can from your local markets, but you still cannot be sure of their effectiveness. As a matter of fact, the soil has become depleted of necessary nutrients over time due to harmful agricultural practices and many of the essential ingredients are not really reaching us through normal diet. However, there is a way to reach those necessary ingredients. IntraMax claims to have the solution.

IntraMax – Organic Vitamin & Nutrient Supplement

IntraMax is a well researched and carefully formulated organic vitamin, mineral and nutrient supplement, with no less than 415 nutrients, many of which do not reach us in organic and pure form due to soil depletion.

You should consult a health professional before its use and advice for dosage but for adults, the recommended dose is half an ounce in the morning and in the afternoon. You should keep the solution under your tongue for half a minute and make sure you do not take any pharmaceutical drug before or after 2 hours of intake.

Clinical Research Supports IntraMax

The formula of IntraMax features several nutrients such as essential and non-essential amino acids, enzymes, extracts from vegetables, seeds, sprouts and fiber.  Apart from that, the formula also features a number of minerals, almost all the essential vitamins, probiotics and fulvic acid, which is said to have numerous benefits for the nutritious requirements of the body.

Other important nutrients in the formula include Omega 3/6/9 Fatty Acids, Ginseng Complex, Grape Seed and Skin Extract, Choline and Alpha-Ketoglutaric Acid, among many others. Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of IntraMax in increasing the blood circulation and metabolism significantly after its intake.

Benefits Of IntraMax

IntraMax brings you all the nutrients your body could possibly need in a bottle. Ranging from essential mineral, vitamins and other nutrients from purely organic sources, not only does it improve your health and provide all the nutrients lost in their original form in food due to soil depletion, but also helps in fighting a number of diseases and medical conditions such as fatigue, inflammation and menopause. It also helps strengthen the immunity system.
IntraMax offers you all the nutrient that your body could ever need for your health and well being, therefore you should not miss this opportunity and try this amazing product.

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