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Green Living Advanced Kit 125x125If you are a person who prefers to stay as close to nature as possible as a part of your lifestyle, then you can be sure that you are on the right track to attaining improved health and well being. However, doing so is not easy in the age we live in. We are surrounded by impurities and the environment we live in has been contaminated by synthetic chemicals and a number of man-made hazards. Even technological advances have created a lot of health hazards while bringing convenience to our lives at the same time. If you are looking for a more natural and greener lifestyle, then you are reading the right review.

The Green Living Cleanse Advanced Kit – Live Green and Healthy

The Green Living Cleanse Advanced Kit offers you everything you need to live in as natural and pure an environment as you possibly can in today’s world. The Green Living Cleanse Advanced Kit features 1 Multi-Tech Intelli-Pro Air Purification System, 1 WaterSpace Home Drinking Water Test Kit, 2 SafeSpace Cell Phone Radiation Protectors, 1 Safe Space I Radiation Protector, 1 Safe Space II Radiation Protector and 1 pack of GeoResonators.

Using these devices and accessories will not only allow you to create a completely natural environment around you, but will also protect you from all the potential impurities that could affect your health.

Clinical Research Supports Green Living Cleanse Advanced Kit

The devices and accessories featured in the Green Living Cleanse Advanced Kit can effectively protect your from various impurities and health hazards in your environment.

The Multi-Tech Intelli-Pro Air Purification System features six leading purification technologies that not only get rid of dust, allergens and other pollutants from the air, but could also eliminate dangerous microbes.

WaterSafe Home Drinking Water Test Kit can allow you to carry out a very simple and easily comprehendible scientific test to analyze the integrity of your water supply or water from any other source. It allows you to test for impurities such as bacteria, lead, nitrates, chlorine and pesticides.

The SafeSpace Cell Phone Radiation Protectors protect you from the microwave radiation emitted by the cell phone towers, which are received by your cell phone constantly. This radiation can be a major health hazard, especially for children, and the specially designed radiation protection covers can effectively block the microwave radiation penetration.

The SafeSpace I Radiation Protectors help neutralize the harmful electromagnetic field and such radiation within your living space. It can offer you protection in an area of 1,000 to 1,500 square feet through its Transend Safe Space Devices, which are small holographic grids contained in metallic grills that conduct a range of frequencies that interact with the electromagnetic field in the environment.

The SafeSpace II Radiation Protectors help neutralize harmful electromagnetic field, geopathic disturbances and vibrational energies. This portable device is effective in a spherical area with a radius of 9 feet and protects you from the harmful electromagnetic fields of your electronic products through its holographic grids, which change the polarity of the electromagnetic field to balance the environment.

The GeoResonators are small patches which protect you from harmful electromagnetic fields and geopathic stress. These should be buried half a foot deep in the ground vertically in a grid of four to be effective. These patches have polarized patterns, which makes them interact with the electromagnetic fields and geopathic stress and balance them to ensure healthy biological processes both on and above the land where they are planted.

Benefits Of Green Living Cleanse Advanced Kit

The Green Living Cleanse Kit offers you all essential protection you need from environmental hazards that threaten your health. Not only can it effectively allow you to purify the air in your living environment of all the pollutants ranging from dust and allergens to odor and microbes, but also allows you to test the purity of drinking water that you are considering to use for drinking. The Green Living Cleanse Kit also allows you to protect yourself from the health hazards that technologies can bring, such as microwave radiation from cell phones, imbalance in electromagnetic fields and even other environmental factors such as geopathic stress. Try Green Living Cleanse Kit to live in a natural environment to ensure your health and well being.

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