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Wellness Shower Filter 125x125Having a nice warm shower regularly is one of the ways you could take care of your hygiene and protect yourself from bacteria and other germs that attack your skin. It is also a great defense from various types of skin disease. However, what to do if the very shower that you rely on for your hygiene becomes a germ shower instead? You would already be worried about the chlorine in the shower water, and this problem could even worsen the quality of water. This way your shower could actually expose you to more impurities than any other activity you engage in all day. What you need is a quality shower water filter to ensure that you are using clean water, free of impurities, so that you could maintain your health and hygiene properly.

Wellness Shower – Enjoy Showers from Purified and Healthy Water

Not many people are aware of it, but they are exposed to up to a thousand times more impurities during a ten minute shower than they are from drinking tap water. Why is that? Apart from the impure water, the problem lies in contaminated and clogged showers. Wellness Shower offers you a built-in sophisticated filter which cleans and purifies the water of all the harmful impurities before it allows it to reach you. Now you can avoid that irritating dry feeling in your skin after every shower because Wellness Shower can remove all the impurities in the water, especially chlorine, that could damage your skin and hair. However, you will need to replace the filter cartridge of the Wellness Shower every 18 to 24 months.

Clinical Research Supports Wellness Shower

The Wellness Shower offers you pure and clean water for your shower by not only purging out impurities from it, but also preventing these impurities from clogging into your shower. The Wellness Shower features Wellness Water Filter, which has been developed after a research of a couple of decades in Japan.

The filter features materials like Taichoseki, a mineral stone that helps stop the growth of bacteria and fungus, Bakuhanseki, another mineral stone which is widely used for water filtration and for medicinal use in spas and SPG Sand from volcanic rocks which offers great results in purifying the water. Other parts of the filter include Magnetite Stone, Granulated Activated Carbon and Far-Infrared Ceramic. Research has proved that the Wellness Shower can remove chlorine up to 99.999% from water in its effective life, that is 24,000 gallons of water.

Benefits Of Wellness Shower

The Wellness Shower allows you to enjoy clean and healthy showers by getting rid of all the impurities and unpleasant characteristics of regular tap water. It removes all the impurities of the water through its Wellness Filter. It also removes chlorine from the water, the presence of which can not only be very unpleasant, but harmful.

Not only does it offer you purified and clean water for your shower, but it even helps moisturize your skin and prevents your hair from damage that you are exposed to otherwise during a shower. Furthermore, the filter is efficient and cost-effective, and is able to filter 24,000 gallons of water, lasting up to two years. You should try the Wellness Shower to get refreshed like never before.

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