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ZeoTrex 125x125Your body is at constant risk of getting affected and contaminated by impurities such as toxic chemicals and heavy metals. These impurities can even be found in food and water that we consume so unsuspectingly. Unless you have food and water tested, you can never be sure about what exactly you are eating or drinking, especially in the case of industrially produced food and drinks. But those are not the only sources of potential contaminations. These contaminants are found in the environment in ways that you would not even suspect or imagine.

Zeotrex – Get Rid of Chemical and Heavy Metal Contaminants Effectively

Zeotrex is a heavy metal and chemical cleanse with an all-natural formula without any synthetic ingredients. It uses herbal ingredients, with a patented formula that cleanses heavy metals and chemicals on the molecular level, hardly leaving a particle behind. You should carry out the cleansing process for 30 days. However, if you still find the traces of impurities in your blood, hair or urine, then it is advised to repeat the cleansing process after taking a break of 10 days. The product is alcohol free, Kosher and fit for vegetarians.

Clinical Research Supports Zeotrex

Zeotrex uses the TincTract liquid herbal glycerite technology, which combines Organic Volcanic Zeolites and Angstrom-colloid chemical and heavy metal cleansing herbs in its all-natural powerful formula. The Zeolites have the ability to attract and bind themselves with the particles of heavy metals and chemicals, ensuring better cleansing. The formula features nano-colloidol Iodine and mB Trace Minerals in a base of Fulvic Acid and Humic Acid, which take the filtration process to the next level.

The formula also features herbs such as Organic Alfalfa Leaf. Organic Nettles Leaf, Agaricus Mushroom, Organic Cilantro Leaf and Organic Cell-Wall Fractionated Blue-Green Algae, all of which play their part in effective heavy metal and chemical cleansing. The formula also contains pure magnetized water with neutral pH and Kosher Certified Vegetable Glycerin.

Benefits Of Zeotrex

Zeotrex is the most effective, safe and natural way of getting rid of harmful heavy metals and toxic chemicals from your body. The formula of Zeo-Trex is well researched and uses the TincTract Technology which involves the filtration of heavy metals and chemicals at the micro level, using powerful filtration agents such as Organic Volatile Zeolites and mB Trace Minerals among other herbal and natural ingredients.

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Zeotrex is Halal and Kosher, is perfectly safe to use and is suitable for vegetarians. You should try Zeotrex to ensure that your body is free of dangerous impurities such as heavy metals and chemicals that your body does not require.