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Aquaspirit 125x125Nothing can offer you more radiant and beautiful skin than good health. Unless you have good circulation of oxygenated blood to your face and skin, you cannot expect it to find enough nourishment that can make it look and appear healthy. While you can spend a lot of money on cosmetics, you will not be able to improve how you look and feel unless you do something about your well being. Products like AquaSpirit claim to offer you the solution the natural way.

AquaSpirit – Improve the Health of Your Skin Naturally

AquaSpirit is a well researched formula meant for topical use which can increase the flow of oxygenated blood towards the face and the skin and improves circulation. AquaSpirit is a completely natural formula and you do not need any prescription to use it. You can apply AquaSpirit twice or thrice a day, applying it on your skin with a cotton ball. AquaSpirit should be refrigerated for preserving its freshness.

Clinical Research Supports AquaSpirit

The formula of AquaSpirit combines a number of important minerals and other ingredients that have non-allergenic and antimicrobial properties. The researchers who formulated AquaSpirit have used natural elements for ensuring the health and beauty of the skin. The formula features wellness water, which is water that has been filtered through volcanic sand, magnetite media and ceramic beads, which not only removes microbes and toxins, but increases the detoxifying properties of the filtered and mineralized water.

This is achieved by filtering the water through certain mineral sources such as the Taichoseki mineral stone, which is a disinfectant, Bakuhanseki mineral stone, which helps dissolve more oxygen in the water and remove impurities, and other materials like magnetite stone, far-infrared ceramic and SPG sand, which make the water become cleaner, taste better and develop antioxidant characteristics.

The formula features ingredients such as Silver Fuzion, chelated to fulvic acid at 10 ppm, which helps in penetrating the skin and removing toxins and microbes. Another key ingredient is pure whole organic cold pressed Aloe Vera juice, which is 18 times more concentrated than in its regular form, so that it offers the maximum benefit of its useful enzymes. Other ingredients include CrystalEnergy, GH3, organic water distillate and Organic Jasmine Sambac, which have a soothing effect on the skin and even help fight acne and various skin conditions.

Benefits Of AquaSpirit

AquaSpirit is a completely natural skincare formula, which is not only effective to improve the health and appearance of the skin, but is even helpful in the treatment of a number of skin conditions. It is a solution of purified, detoxifying and non-allergenic water, with key ingredients like Silver Fuzion and concentrated and cold processed Aloe Vera juice.

Silver helps clean the deep layers of skin, penetrating with the help of being chelated to fulvic acid, and removing harmful bacteria and other malicious toxins. Aloe Vera juice offers countless benefits to the skin, which along with other key ingredients enhances the antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of the formula, offering a soothing effect to the skin and nerves and fighting various skin conditions.

AquaSpirit features all natural ingredients and involve no side effects whatsoever. You can safely use it without hesitation and without needing a prescription for it.

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