Allow Your Body Repair Itself Utilizing Reiki and Massage Therapies

Quite often you will see Reiki massage therapy which will naturally make you think they are identical. Actually, they are two distinct therapies, but many times a massage therapist will combine the two approaches. The translation of Reiki is, universal life force energy, and that can provide a clue about what this technique is really all about. You need to understand that this healing method is based on important aspects that are present in yoga as well as other Eastern philosophies. Just one concept which embodies the seven chakras of the human body are an vital part of the Reiki massage method. Reiki is also comparable to the approach acupuncture uses because in each it is the existence and unimpeded energy routes in our body that results in optimum health.

What is of major importance with Reiki is being free of the destructive effects of stress on the body. So it is easy to understand why Reiki is often coupled with massage therapy so the chakras can be more open and healthy. Being able to be calm and peaceful will result in the body’s power to affect healing on its own. It is real that your body will repair and continue to keep a high level of strong health. Reiki furthermore places great emphasis on holding a sense of physical and spiritual balance. We desire to live in a balanced manner, and our bodily energies have to also maintain this balance.

Western medical science has long recognized the role of too much tension and the failure to deal with it as precursors to many illnesses. Another view on that, which is the Eastern notion, is a person’s life and general body are not in a well balanced state. So many Western people add to this imbalanced predicament with the general lifestyle they pick. So it is very important in Reiki massage therapy to achieve an overall higher state of peace and calmness. Massaging important areas of the body will help the body to let go stress.

There is an interesting parallel between these Reiki principles and acupuncture. They each consider the healthy condition of our energy as incredibly important to health. When a disease state occurs, or even an emotional or psychological problem, then it is a result of the interruption of this energy flow. We are prone to illness, disease or emotional disorders according to where the energy restriction is taking place. We all understand that it seems normal for people to engage in all manner of distressing and unhealthy thinking and perceptions. Some instances are worrying, self harm attributed to a negative lifesyle, persistent anger, excessive fears, poor self esteem, and the list goes on.

It is the strong focus placed on getting rid of stress and tension with massage and Reiki therapies that allows it to work so well. Obviously, not all individuals are open to Eastern philosophies as they concern well being and healing. But people are all unique, and Reiki and massage will not have an appeal which is easy to understand. Reiki therapeutic massage is all about a strategic solution which means you should use it on-going in your overall pursuit of well being.