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ParaTrex 120x600 anmiated - help aid against invasionYour body is a target for several toxins day in and day out. Whenever food enters your body or whenever you drink anything, millions of microbes enter your body, especially when not enough hygienic measures are taken. While the impact of these microorganisms may not appear at once, but over time it creates a lot of harmful effects on the body. While not all of the microorganisms would be really harmful to your body, since hundreds already live inside your body anyway, but a lot of people have one or more really harmful types in their bodies at any given time. In such a case, you can only maintain your health by cleansing your body.

Paratrex – Cleansing the Natural Way

Paratrex is your natural source to detoxify your colon and digestive system in order to get rid of all the harmful organisms. Paratrex uses only herbal and organic sources for its unique formula which helps you get rid of all the toxins that affect your health over time and helps you to avoid a number of mild and serious health threats that result from them. For cleansing, take 3 capsules of Paratrex 20 minutes before breakfast and 3 capsules 20 minutes after dinner for 6 weeks, and take 5 2-3x capsules daily to maintain healthy and impurity-free intestines.

Clinical Research Supports Paratrex

According to research, no less than 90% of the population is host to some sort of microorganisms in their bodies and a lot of them experience symptoms pertaining to an unhealthy colon or digestive tract. The formula for Paratrex is formulated by 11 top health specialists after vigorous research. It is a natural formula derived from herbs such as Organically Certified Black Walnut Hull, Wormwood Extract, Male Fern Root and Clove among others. Black Walnut Hull is particularly useful in destroying harmful microbes in the intestines due to the presence of iodine and is known to oxygenate the blood. Male Fern Root and Wormwood Extract are known as very effective cleansers of the bodily systems.

Other ingredients of the formula consist of Bromelain, which is extracted from the pineapple plant and is helpful in aiding digestion, Anamu, which helps relieve intestinal gas, detoxify and boosts immunity, Wild-crafted American Wormseed, which features the Oil of Chenopodium known for centuries as an effective digestive aid and colon cleanser. Clove and Wild-crafted Kamala are also known for its effective detoxifying qualities. Diatomaceous Earth, or the fossilized deposit of the shells of the unicellular plants Diatoms, which is used as a basic food source by aquatic life, helps in defending against the harmful microorganisms attacking your body.

Benefits Of Paratrex

There are countless health benefits of detoxifying your body and you can be sure that Paratrex offers them all to you. It is a completely natural and herbal formula which creates a hostile environment in the intestines for parasitic and malicious bacteria and other microbes. It can help you to remain safe from several dangerous medical conditions such as constipation, bloating, sleep problems, lack of appetite, intestinal malfunction, itchy rectum, foul breath, irritability and poor vision and memory through its well researched formula. You should try Paratrex to improve your health and to remain safe from various diseases resulting from toxins and impurities.

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