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Wellness Carafe 125x125One of the most serious health threats that you could encounter is through drinking impure water. Clean drinking water is probably the most important element of your health and hygiene and people who end up getting infected with various diseases usually get exposed to the harmful bacteria and other microbes through contaminated water. But there is a convenient way through which you could purify drinking water, which would be even cleaner than bottled water.

Wellness Carafe – Water Purification with Convenience

Wellness Carafe is a water pitcher shaped purifier, which can offer you the purest drinking water through its ingenious and proved filtration media. It not only successfully removes all the harmful microorganisms from the water, but also helps get rid of other contaminants such as chlorine which could prove harmful to your body. Water purification was never more convenient and simpler than this. And given the portability of Wellness Carafe, a cartridge per 40 gallons of water purified is not a bad deal at all. You will get 3 cartridges on ordering the purifying pitcher.

Clinical Research Supports Wellness Carafe

Wellness Carafe is a well researched water purifier, which purifies astounding quantities of water given its size. It features filter media proven through years of research. Filter media include Taichoseki, which has been proved to be having antimicrobial and antifungal properties in a study carried out by the Kitazako Medical School of Public Health in Tokyo. This disinfectant mineral stone also helps in removing metallic traces and other impurities from the water.

Bakuhanseki is an approved medicinal stone according to Japanese health authorities and is widely used in spas. Bakuhanseki stabilizes the pH of the water, removes traces of metals from the water, helps increase the levels of dissolved oxygen in it, and is also helpful in improving the taste of the water. Granulated Activated Carbon is helpful in removing chlorine from the water. SPG Sand from volcanic rock is used for increasing the efficiency in filtration. It is also very effective in removing trace heavy metals and removes parasitic microorganisms from the water.

Far-infrared Ceramic in the filter media can be really beneficial to health as it helps neutralize the free radicals in the water by emitting hydrogen and hydroxyl ions. Magnetite Stones and magnets of a density no less than 4,500 gauss are used to create a magnetic field for the filtration process, which helps improve the solubility of the water.

Benefits Of Wellness Carafe

Wellness Carafe is one of the most convenient ways to filter water to a pure and healthy form through well researched and sophisticated filter media. Its water pitcher design offers it great portability, which means that you can even use it effectively when you are on the wheels. Not only can it effectively remove all the impurities such as parasites, chlorine and trace heavy metals from the water, but it also improves your health and well being through the mineral stones among the filter media, some of which have a medicinal value.

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You should avail a Wellness Carafe free trial to see the results for yourself before you spend money on the product.