Wellness Shower Cartridge Review – Enjoy Clean and Hygienic Showers – Try It Today

Wellness Shower Cartridge 125x125Your shower can expose you to millions of germs and contaminants if you have not taken enough hygiene measures. Not only do the showers get clogged up by waste, but you also cannot trust the tap water supply, which is not only contaminated with various microbes, but also with chemicals such as chlorine, which can prove to be harmful to your skin and hair, apart from the rest of the body. Wellness Shower is a product that could help you enjoy clean and healthy showers through its ingenious filter media.

Wellness Shower Cartridge – Enjoy Clean and Hygienic Showers

If you plan to invest in Wellness Shower, you will surely need the Wellness Shower Cartridge after a while. Although a Wellness Shower Cartridge can last for long enough to give you the worth of your money, but you would require it after every 12 to 15 months nevertheless to keep the shower working to provide you purified and filtered water. The Wellness Shower Cartridge features the well researched filter media of the product which can allow you to enjoy clean and hygienic showers.

Clinical Research Supports Wellness Shower Cartridge

Wellness Shower Cartridge is what offers the Wellness Shower its ability to provide you with purified shower water, which is even cleaner than bottled water. The reason for that is the sophisticated filtration technology of the Wellness Shower used in the cartridge. The filtration media used in the Wellness Shower Cartridge are well researched mineral stones which are not only well renowned for filtering water better than most other media, but also have medicinal qualities.

Mineral stones like Taichoseki and Bakuhanseki are widely recognized to be the best filtration media around. Taichoseki is an antimicrobial mineral stone, which helps get rid of bacteria and other microorganisms from the water, while Bakuhanseki is a medicinal mineral stone which oxygenates the water and stabilizes the pH of the water by removing trace heavy metals and other impurities.

Other filtration media include SPG Sand, which is effective in filtering water up to micron level and helps get rid of trace heavy metals from it. Granulated Activated Carbon helps in getting rid of chlorine, other chemicals, odor and taste from the water. Far-infrared Ceramics helps you prevent from a number of diseases and symptoms that arise from contaminated water by removing free radicals.

Benefits Of Wellness Shower Cartridge

The Wellness Shower Cartridge is of course what makes this amazing product work. First of all, you would not need to replace the cartridge too frequently, with one cartridge lasting at least 12 months and even up to 15 months. These cartridges hold all the filtration media that are required for purifying shower water, so that you can enjoy clean and hygienic showers without the fear of getting exposed to bacteria, other microbes, chlorine and other harmful impurities.

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Buy Wellness Shower Cartridge – Try It Today

The Wellness Shower Cartridge is easily available separately from the Wellness Shower product and one unit delivers great value for your money for the whole year or even more than that. You should try it the Wellness Shower, the cartridges of which are easily available to have cleaner and healthier showers.