Foods To Avoid If Your Bladder Is Far too Active

Do you have problems with having a bladder that is overactive? Do you need to frequently stop what you’re doing so that you can visit the bathroom? Have you tested out all kinds of things in an attempt to prevent those frequent trips to the restroom when you are at work? Most people believe that any sort of bladder activity happens because of just how much liquid we take in. This is the reason that so many people end up accidentally dehydrating themselves in their attempts to stay out of the toilet.

Would you believe that sometimes it is what you might be eating that may be causing you to frequently visit the restroom during the day? The basic fact of the matter is those number one bathroom breaks are simply a way for your body to relieve waste. You will make this waste product from both fluid and also solid foods. What you excrete might be from something solid and also fluid, despite which form it took when you ingested it.

While Vitamin C is vital for fighting off bacterial infections, it has been proven that citrus fruits can upset the bladder. Citrus fruits are mostly created from acid and that’s why you should avoid consuming them both as solid fruits or as juice. Oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruits as well as limes, in particular are major culprits of this as is pineapple even though it is technically not a citrus fruit. Instead, remain faithful to fruits like bananas, pears, apples along with berries for your Vitamin C intake.

Try not to cry over this too much but if you have an overactive bladder, you need to avoid eating too much chocolate. Chocolate includes caffeine. Your bladder doesn’t like it a lot if you ingest caffeine and it will send you to the toilet a lot when you take in lots of it. The exact same holds true for caffeinated liquids as well. If you have been making a lot of excursions to the toilet you should stay away from all forms of caffeine. Instead, figure out how to like dark chocolate along with decaf coffee (or soda).

Particularly spicy foods, just like caffeine, can be very irritating to the bladder. This will probably be hard for people who are enthusiasts of spicy foods but if you want to stay out of the bathroom you need to avoid foods that contain high levels of spiciness like wasabi sauce, super spicy nachos, etc. If eating the food causes your eyes and nose to get runny, it will make other parts of your body runny. The fix is simple; pick out identical foods but just not as spicy so that you still get the taste without all of the bodily irritation.

We tend to imagine that if it comes out of our body in liquid form then it must have gone into our bodies in liquid form. This isn’t 100% precise. What our bodies excrete is the leftover bits of what we have eaten and drunk that our bodies cannot use or store so it gets rid of them in whatever way is the easiest and most convenient.