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One of the hardest things to cope with while ageing are those excruciating joint pains. According to one of the recent surveys of the CDC, at least 30% of American adults experience joint pain or stiffness, with the knee coming up as the most trouble prone of all the bodily joints. And there is little surprise, they are probably the most used joints of our bodies, and besides they sustain all the weight of our body, while helping us move around.

Joints are busy parts of our bodies, and with suffering joints, we may be deprived of considerable activity. With a sore knee, you are unable to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities that we adore, let it be hiking, running, sports like golf and in very severe cases sometimes even walking. No one wants to be deprived of these pleasures just because they have grown old.

Arthenol GS – Stronger Joints, Relieves Pains

Arthenol GS is the first choice of thousands of people suffering from stiff joints, weak joints and having other pain and problems related to joints. Arthenol GS not only provides relief from pain faster and better than most similar products, but also helps protect your joints to remain strong and healthy.

It lubricates the ever-wearing out joints of your body through Hyaluronic Acid supplements.

Its other ingredients are included in just the right amount and proportion to work for the protection of your joints. You could even find ingredients like Glucosamine Sulphate, an ingredient normally missed out by other products meant for benefiting joints, which strengthens your joints, and consequently, having healthier and younger joints can lead to an increase in their capacity of growing. By taking Arthenol GS, not only you can cure yourself of joint pain, but can increase the lives of your invaluable joints as well, which will minimize the ill-effect of ageing and will enable you to live a healthy active life.

Medical Research Supports Arthenol GS

Although the science behind Arthenol GS is complex, but it is vital to know that its ingredients are just right for strengthening joints. Arthenol GS consists of the following key ingredients, with the following function, in understandable words for those who don’t relate to the field of Medicine.

Glucosamine Sulphate: A material which is central to the formation of bones, tendons, vessels and ligaments. Arthenol GS strengthens your joints through this unique component.

BioCell Collagen II®: A patented medicinal matrix of Collagen Type II, Chrondroitin Sulfate and Hyaluronic Acid, which is known to be effective for the strength of joints and for pain relief.

Chondroitin Sulfate: Plays an important role in strengthening the cartilaginous components of the joints.

Collagen Type II: An important constituent of tendon and cartilage, which helps strengthening them.
Hyaluronic Acid: An important chemical found most importantly in the synovial fluid, lubricating our joints, apart from being present all over the body. The deficiency of the concentration of this liquid inside our body, which occurs with ageing, is overcome by the supplements of this ingredient of Arthenol GS.

The scientifically acknowledged effectiveness of these components speaks volumes about Arthenol GS itself.

Benefits of Arthenol GS

With the most unique formula and ingredient mix, carefully put together after a laborious research, Arthenol GS rejuvenates your joints, and alleviates any pain that you may experience due to stiffness or for some other cause.

It shows faster result than any other joint stiffness and pain relief medicines around. It also is the most comprehensive joint protection and pain relief product, featuring ingredients that other similar products miss out.

People who take Arthenol GS have experienced excellent results, and are living very healthily and actively, no matter how old some of them may get. The more your joints are at ease, the more you can enjoy life.

Buy Arthenol GS

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