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Diabetes is one of the most deadly diseases in the United States. According to the American Diabetes Association, 23.6 million Americans are suffering from this disease. It is one of the most serious of the diseases caused by ageing. It occurs in two broad types. In Type 1 Diabetes, the insulin production ability of the pancreas is affected, which causes the concentration of sugars to rise in your bloodstream. In Type 2 Diabetes, although the insulin production in the body is not affected, but the cells of the patient’s body refuse to absorb it, and the sugar levels increase in the bloodstream.
The main reason why diabetes is considered very serious is because it leads to many other
life-threatening and dangerous diseases, as the body of the patient is weakened in its immunity. The most common of those threats are the cardiovascular diseases, which are themselves one of the major causes of deaths in the United States.
There is a scientifically proven link between obesity and diabetes, and given the level of obesity in the United States, with almost 1/5th of its population suffering from the epidemic, the risks of diabetes are more severe than ever. Syntra-5 is the total body solution for not only diabetes, but also for fighting the obesity epidemic, reducing weight and cholesterol.

Syntra-5 – The Complete Diabetes Solution
Syntra-5, with its unique formula, developed after a decade of research, has come up with a solution to diabetes, cholesterol and weight-loss in a single product. It is being used by thousands of Americans, who have been satisfied by its results, which has helped them maintain normal blood sugar levels and has even helped them lose and maintain their weight.

Its TBS-5 formula, which is unique to Syntra-5, has been proven to be effective in weight loss and reducing body fats. Its Garcinia Cambogia extracts help in suppressing appetite, and Cinnamon and Bitter Melon extracts are beneficial to regulate blood sugar levels in the body by targeting the root causes of diabetes.

Medical Research Supports Syntra-5
Independent research has proven the effectiveness of the original formula of Syntra-5.
Its TBS-5 Complex directly affects the food-to-energy conversion metabolism of your body in such a way that less fat is produced in the body. It contains Cinnamon and Bitter Melon extracts in just the required concentration to maintain insulin production in the body and to direct sugars in the bloodstream to reach your body cells.
Syntra 5 Benefits
Syntra-5 is one of the very few products that let you control your blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and your weight at the same time. Since obesity is linked to diabetes, the exclusive TBS-5 formula of Syntra-3 works to reduce body fats.
Thousands are bringing the much needed change in their lives, earlier haunted by diabetes, and many have lost and maintained their weight very effectively with the product.
A risk-free trial of the product is available. Try Syntra-5 today, maybe it will change your life for the better as well.

A Review of Syntra 5 by Mel Brookes

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