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IntraCal 125x125Joint pain and weak bones are problems frequently encountered by most people while aging. Apart from the diseases of bones and joints, a lot of people face deficiency of Magnesium and Calcium in their bodies, which not only affects the strength of their bone structure, but even has an adverse impact on the health of a number of body functions. Blame it on the dietary patterns if you will, but the only way to overcome the risks such a condition poses is to use a quality health supplement offering just the right quantities of Calcium, and especially Magnesium, which in turn helps the absorption of Calcium to strengthen the bone structure.

IntraCal – Harness the Power of Magnesium & Calcium Orotate

IntraCal is a unique and the most effective way yet discovered to supply Calcium to your body, right where it belongs, that is in your bones. With the help of the unique formula of IntraCal, the sufficient amount of Calcium and Magnesium are supplied to the body. You can use IntraCal in consultation with your physician, with the most common dose being 2 capsules three times a day.

Medical Research Supports IntraCal

According to medical studies, it has been found that Orotates are chemicals with a much better capacity to penetrate into human tissues, allowing better mineral absorption. The revolutionary formula of IntraCal uses a combination of Calcium Orotate and Magnesium Orotate based on this principle, which effectively supply enough amounts of these minerals required by a healthy human being.

The formula combines Magnesium and Calcium Orotate compounds, because it is essential to cover the Magnesium deficiency to assist in better absorption of Calcium in your bones. The unique formula of IntraCal makes it more effective for Calcium absorption and utilization than any other Calcium supplements. Orotates are completely natural minerals and are found in human body and even dairy products.

Benefits Of IntraCal

There are numerous health problems that can arise with the deficiency of Calcium and Magnesium, including weak bones, joint discomfort and a weak cardiovascular system. IntraCal uses its unique formula offering just the right minerals that help in the absorption of the Calcium in the supplement through the presence of Magnesium Orotate in the blend.

The reason why this formula is so effective is that most of the other Calcium supplements do not use Calcium and Magnesium Orotate in their formula, which results in the loss of 70 to 80% of the mineral, since it is of little use to the rest of the body apart from the bones. Orotates of Calcium and Magnesium on the other hand, are very easily absorbed by the bones directly.

This could be a great way for people suffering from weak bones and sore joints to strengthen their bone structure and to help alleviate the painful symptoms. Make sure you try IntraCal to benefit from this unique formula that you will not find in any other product.

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You should avail a IntraCal free trial to see the results for yourself before you spend money on the product.