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MGIII Residential Unit 125x125Water is the central aspect to all life and it is also the most fundamental element on which your health depends. This is why one of your greatest concerns should be the quality of water supplied to your home. While you may have the assurance that it is pure, you should know that there are many impurities in the fresh water supply, some existing through natural reasons, while others are introduced by humans for “health reasons”. What you want is a solution for offering your family absolutely clean drinking water through a source that you can trust.

MG III Residential Unit – Water Purification for the Entire House

The purification of water is a huge problem around the world and despite all the efforts, an overwhelming majority of people are using water with impurities in their kitchens and bathrooms, even in the developed world. But MG III Residential Unit can purify the water supply for the entire house and can offer water even cleaner than bottled drinking water. What makes MG III Residential Unit so special is that it is very convenient to use and you would not have to replace the filter cartridges over and over again as in the case of many other water purification units.

Clinical Research Supports MG III Residential Unit

The MG III Residential Unit contains well researched filter media, which are known for their ability to purify water very effectively. The filter contains layers of Taichoseki, which is a widely used mineral stone for filtration and has antimicrobial properties. It also features Bakuhanseki, which is a filtration medium approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health and is widely used for medicinal purposes. It is useful in removing impurities from the water, while increasing dissolved oxygen in it. It also helps in removing heavy metals like lead and mercury from water.

Other filtration media include SG Sand from volcanic rocks, which helps get rid of parasites and removes traces of heavy metals, Magnetite Stone, which increases solubility of water, Far-Infrared Ceramic, which neutralizes free radicals and is helpful in improving the immunity of the body and Granulated Activated Carbon, which is effective in removing chlorine from water. The MG III Residential Unit features permanent filter media which is regenerated with an automatic backwash system, due to which you would not need to change the filter over and over again. However, this system may get affected on recurrent power failures.

Benefits Of MG III Residential Unit

The MG III Residential Unit is the perfect water filtration system for your premises, whether you want to install it at your home or office. It offers you purification better than the quality of the bottled drinking water and it does so in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Due to its regeneration through the backwash system, and by investing in it you would save yourself the trouble of purchasing the filter over and over again, which not to mention is very inconvenient as well.

The filter could actually offer you value for up to 20 years at just a cost of 5 cents per gallon, and the peace of mind that it will offer you by supplying pure water, free of impurities, microbes and chlorine, is simply priceless. Let it be for your kitchen, as drinking water or for your shower, MG III Residential Unit can offer you the best purification through its well researched filter. You can add great value to your lifestyle by investing in it.

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You should avail a MG III Residential Unit free trial to see the results for yourself before you spend money on the product.