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You can wear all the make up in the world, but you cannot offer natural freshness and beauty to your face and skin, if you do not use natural means, even if you spend a fortune on the cosmetics. However, you may be able to have beautiful skin and be able to promote the well being of your skin, while saving yourself the extra cost of make up or cosmetic surgery, if you use a natural approach to accomplish that. Let it be treating a skin condition or improving its health, O2-Zap seems to offer just the right solution.

O2-Zap – Find Natural Beauty Through a Natural Formula

02-Zap is an innovative formula of completely natural and organic ozonated olive oil which helps rejuvenate your skin and brings to you the secret behind the oxygenated facials. O2-Zap is manufactured by the most reliable producers of ozonated olive oil paste, which is probably the most stable form of the oil and can be stored for up to 17 years. Applying the ozonated olive oil paste two to three times daily to the skin could help oxygenate tissues unlike any other way.

Clinical Research Supports O2-Zap

O2-Zap features a super saturated solution of cold pressed organic virgin olive oil, which contains 98.5% oxygen in the pure form and 1.5% ozone molecules. It is produced when the olive oil is passed through bubbling ozone for a long period of time, usually taking somewhere between three to six months of continuous processing. Such oil could be stored and refrigerated for a long time, and tests have shown that it shows exactly the same composition as at the time of production after even 10 years.

To make it even more convenient, O2-Zap is available in the form of ozonated olive oil paste, which is the most saturated form of the ozonated olive oil formula with a ratio of 50% in composition of O2, oxygen molecules, and O3, ozone molecules. Since ozone is very unstable and will instantly react to form oxygen molecules, it is held well packed in this form than in liquid, requiring extensive processing for its production.

Benefits Of O2-Zap

O2-Zap offers you the benefits of the ozonated olive oil at its best, as the paste offers the greatest concentration of the ratio of the ozone molecules to regular oxygen molecules. The formula acts like an antioxidant and gets rid of toxins affecting the health and appearance of your skin. This helps in speeding the healing process for wounds, alleviating inflammation and swelling, and removes free radicals.

People suffering from infections of sebaceous glands could even find the formula useful to help alleviate the condition and is also good for treating sunburns and insect bites. It helps sooth aching muscles as a massage paste, is good for reducing cellulite and can also be used for the treatment of hemorrhoids. The formula acts as the best conditioning and moisturizing agent, a natural under arm deodorant and is effective to help remove make up as well. It simply is your all-in-one skin health and beauty solution.

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